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Changing Seasons …

Did we get outside and enjoy an adventure? Those Outdoor Activities necessitate having an edged tool at hand. Whether you carry one at your side, in your pocket, in/on your pack or simply with your gear, your options are better and more exciting this year than ever. The knife you choose is up to your imagination and pocketbook. Some of you may even carry more than one knife … whatever you elect, it should be easy and comfortable to use while capable of performing a myriad of tasks. From fixed blade to folding … from tactical to everyday carry … from hunting to hiking … from diving to climbing … from camping to biking … from fire building to cleaning game … from self-defense to cutting fishing line: the challenge is yours as in the end your knife needs to perform the task at hand.

Selecting the right knife can be overwhelming … blade steel, handle material, folding, fixed blade, design features, metallurgy, etc. are some of the many things you may want to consider when choosing a knife. Ask 10 knife experts and you will get 10 different perspectives. You want a knife that is safe, comfortable and offers you the most utility. I prefer a folding knife with a locking mechanism for ease of carry, concealment and safety. I am not excluding a fixed blade, but feel a folding knife offers more versatility. The right edged tool is one of the most important tools to have in the outdoors. Many including the National Park Service list a knife as one the essential things to carry. A knife is useful in first aid and repair situations; in addition to food prep and basic cutting chores. When you head out into the wilderness a knife should always be part of your essential gear.

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