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Crying Uncle …

Yep, I have reached the point of submitting or crying for mercy. “Crying Uncle” is regarded as an Americanism dating back to around the turn of the 20th Century when school children had enough from a bully and would “Cry Uncle”. The phrase is also traced to the Roman Empire when “Uncle, My Best Uncle” was used to surrender and be freed. And just what does that have to do with selling knives?

Granville’s collection of edged tools is made up of Handmade and Production pieces and offered for sale in a Showroom/Gallery located in Granville, WI and on the website, BuyKnives offers many items no longer in production and one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. We recognize the increasing growth of e-commerce is influencing the traditional retail model. We are too small, and I am too old to make the investment necessary to navigate the world of omnichannel selling. A, B, C-ers of powerhouse retailers (think A for Amazon, etc.) are often blamed for what some refer to as the retail apocalypse. Fair or not they have changed the retail landscape. Many think they are powerhouse bullies and I am “Crying Uncle”.

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