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End of Summer

Alright, is anyone else sad about summer coming to an end? I mean I know the weather is still going to be nice for awhile but September screams school whether you're in school or not you know that summer ending feeling when it's August and September is right around the corner. 

I was spoiled this summer because I got to go to California but soon I will be returning back to Wisconsin to finish up my last semester of college. Bittersweet feeling. 

What did you guys do this summer? I don't even know where to start for my summer except that there was a lot of exploring. 

Sorry to get completely off topic about knives which is what I am supposed to be talking about. Hopefully the boss doesn't care! I'll be back soon to update this post anyways. Talk soon

P.S. Or comment below if you have any cool stories from summer where your knife came in handy! 

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