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Transporting Knives …

The tradition of gift giving has been with us for a long time and the psychology of giving gifts is remarkably complex. Relationships between people need to be nurtured and respected. Sharing time together, finding activities that can be enjoyed together and exchanging gifts are an important part of human interaction, improving relationships and strengthening ties with family and friends. Giving a gift to someone else validates how much they are appreciated. The person that gives, rather than the receiver benefits the most from gift giving. Remember that age-old saying, “It is better to give than to receive.”
An edged tool is an exceptionally useful gift. Hard to believe that there would be restrictions for such a practical tool, the complexity of laws and multiple jurisdictions that may apply as you to travel to family and friends to exchange gifts is mind boggling. Whether you travel in the States or outside consider the myriad of laws that may apply to transporting or carrying a knife. Each State or Country has their own rules with individual municipalities within those often having their rules, definitions and laws. There are no common or uniform laws for the USA or Europe, etc., nor for how you or your knives travel whether in a personal vehicle, public transportation or contracted carrier. Planes, trains and automobiles as well as boats, buses and delivery services may well have their own rules.
Whether the gift is a knife or a banana it behooves you to learn the basic laws in any jurisdiction you will be traveling to. Common sense applies in most cases; pack it, do not carry it until you reach your destination. Value your relationships and enjoy gift giving.

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