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I am going to give you a brief tutorial on how our site works! 

1. At the top left corner of the page there is a search bar where you can use key words to find the knife you are looking for whether you know the brand, name, or model number. You could even search by color, blade type, etc.

2. At the top of the page but on the right, there is a list of drop down menus. "Brands" is the manufacturer or producer of the knife, "types" is how the knife is classified (fixed, folding, accessories), and "style" is what the knife might be used for (tactical, hunting, everyday, etc). Then we have a drop down named "Handmade Knifemakers" since we carry a large collection of handmade knives. 

3. At the top right corner of the page you can view your account or cart. If you create an account on our site you will receive a welcome email with a discount code. Also at checkout your info will be prefilled for you for your next purchase. 

4. As you scroll down the page we provide pictures of our gallery of knives that you are allowed to call us and set up a visit to see our knives. We define "edged utility tools" so you understand what we classify this as and what is on our site. 

5. Staff picks is section with knives that may be new, a good deal, or simply cool that we have picked to catch your eye.

6. Last, at the bottom is where you can view these blog posts and click on our social media icons to check out our pages. 

I hope this was helpful! More blog posts to come with in depth instructions on these things in case you are confused. Email or comment with any questions, comments, or concerns!

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