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OKCA 2011 Club Knife - Great Eastern Cut Bone 2-Blade Sunfish
Great Eastern Cutlery

OKCA 2011 Club Knife - Great Eastern Cut Bone 2-Blade Sunfish

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Great Eastern Northfield #36 2-Blade Sunfish PocketKnife ...

Oregon Knife Collectors Association … 2011 OKCA Club Knife … #34 of 50 issued

Great Eastern Cutlery … Titusville, PA

Pattern:  Sunfish #36 - (362211)

Closed:  4 ¼”

Open:  7  1/8”

Blade Edge:  Main (2 ¾”), Secondary (1 ½”)

Handle:  Burnt Grizzly Cut Bone … with OKCA Beaver inlay

Steel:  1095

Other:  SS bolsters and brass liners … OKCA etch on main blade and serial number 34 on bolster

This knife is a Northfield #36 Sunfish pattern and is considered to be Great Eastern Cutlery's premium brand.  In the center of the handle is a one of a kind pinned shield of a beaver.  The main blade has a double pull.  The handle scales are jigged bone.  Liners are brass.  There were only 50 of these knives made.

Great Eastern Cutlery (established in August of 2006) blends a mix of mostly skilled manufacturing processes and a few contemporary machine operations to produce high quality classically designed pocket cutlery.  In just a few short years they have achieved a reputation for American made high quality craftsmanship and dedication to tradition.  More than 200 individual processes are required for each knife they make.  Only the finest materials are used to ensure that the knife will look, feel, and perform like an authentic American pocket knife from the late 19th and early 20th century - considered by many to be the golden age of pocket cutlery.