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Malosh, Mike - 5" Scagel Style Hunter - Stag Pommel
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Malosh, Mike - 5" Scagel Style Hunter - Stag Pommel

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At Mike Malosh’s Chaser Handmade Knives the focus remains clear; quality knives that are meant to be used; carried with pride and passed down to the next generation. Chaser Handmade Knives’ forte is the Scagel style knife as crafted by Mike Malosh. Every knife is hand forged and assembled from the best materials. All types of blade styles are made from the typical Scagel upswept blade including fighters, camp knives, hunters, trout and bird knives and the occasional hatchet. Mike always keeps a careful eye on the knives for fit, finish, flow and function.

Included with every knife that comes out of Mike’s shop is a Jack Mosher custom made sheath. Mosher has earned the reputation for being the best in the business and you can put his quality sheaths to use with confidence.

Blade Edge Length: 4 3/4”              Closed: -          Overall Length: 9 3/4”

Blade Material: Scagel style forged O-1 tool steel

Handle Material: stacked with crown pommel

Maker: Mike Malosh – Chaser Handmade Knives … Gladwin, MI