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Mountain Man Pocketknife - Lockback Folder - 2012 NKCA 40th Annv. Club Knife
Queen Cutlery Co.

Mountain Man Pocketknife - Lockback Folder - 2012 NKCA 40th Annv. Club Knife

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Description:  The 40th Anniversary (1972-2012) National Knife Collectors Association (NKCA) knife from Queen Cutlery Co., is a single blade lockback #3L Mt. Man pattern. This is a limited Schatt & Morgan run of 100 pieces. The “Ruby Red” and “Pearlized White” Mica scales (handle material) have been customized by Michael Prater & Co. The white end is marked NKCA 1972-2012 and the red end is marked 40th Anniversary.

In 1933 Queen City Cutlery acquired the assets of Schatt & Morgan Cutlery Co., Titusville, PA. In the late 1960s, a time of modernization and diversification, many cutlery businesses were closing their doors or being purchased for corporate diversification. In 1969 the ancestors of the five Queen City founders felt their business would survive better being a part of a corporate conglomeration. Queen Cutlery Company was purchased by Servotronics Corporation of Buffalo, New York and in September 2012 by Daniels Family Cutlery Corp. Queen Cutlery continues to return to their roots still using some of the old Schatt and Morgan equipment, tooling and processes and has become the finest manufacturer of high quality antique style pocket knives and hunting knives in the U.S. today. The former Schatt and Morgan brand is considered one of the most valuable collectable pocketknife available, and the Queen Cutlery branded knives are the finest built user knives on the market.

The National Knife Collectors Association (NKCA) was founded in 1972 as a membership based, not-for-profit corporation, chartered in the State of Tennessee. They are the oldest nationwide, all knife-only-organization, bringing together knife fanciers & enthusiasts, knife collectors, knife makers and knife dealers with something for everyone who appreciates cutlery. The NKCA is focused on promoting the hobby of knife collecting, educating the general public and providing programs that enhance the knife collecting experience.


Blade Edge Length: 2 1/8”           Overall Length: 6”    Closed Length: 3 1/2”

Blade Material: D2 tool steel

Handle Material: Ruby Red and Pearlized White Mica inlay

Born Date: September 2012 … Limited Edition run of 100 pieces

Maker: Queen Cutlery Company … Titusville, PA