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QuickVent Safe - RFID Technology
QuickVent Safe - RFID Technology
QuickVent Safe - RFID Technology
QuickVent Safe - RFID Technology
QuickSafes LLC

QuickVent Safe - RFID Technology

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QuickSafes QuickVent hidden safe uses RFID technology to offer both security and accessibility.

The QuickVent Safe is designed to fit between 2 X 16" center studs (this is the standard spacing of studs in most homes and offices). Disguised to look like a regular fresh air return vent, the QuickVent blends in on almost any wall. Simply touch the RFID key to the sensor, and you have immediate access to its content.

With all the same features as the QuickVent, the QuickVent Plus gives an extra 50% more storage underneath a false bottom.

Safely Secure your Valuables:

Keyless Entry - Uses RFID lock for fast and easy access
No combinations to remember
Includes 4 RFID keys (2 Cards, 1 FOB, & 1 Token)
Back-up Battery Pack included


  • Hidden In Plain Sight

    With our products, the first line of defense is that no one knows they are there. Using RFID technology, the access point remains hidden-allowing us to turn ordinary household items into secure hiding places.

  • Locked and Secure

    In addition to our locked-boxes being hidden, we also add a 1/4" lock to help protect against child tampering.

  • Immediate Access

    QuickSafes are quick! That's all there is to it. Simply touch your key to the secret access point and your safe will immediately pop open.